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Video Footnotes is pleased to annouce the release of our first DVD: "Right Turns" by Michael Medved.

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Over 110 minutes of interviews, additional material, plus an exclusive "on-campus" pass to one of David's controversial college speeches

There's very little middle ground for David Horowitz. Either you love him, or you hate him... and nowhere is that more realized than in his latest book, "The Professors". David has built his career on bringing unbiased education to today's colleges and university campuses, and in this book, David will open your eyes to the worst examples of radical thinking, bigoted preaching, and misrepresentation of history imaginable. Whether you're in college yourself, or have kids attending, or if you just care about the direction of education in America, you can't miss this book.

In this exclusive companion DVD, you'll spend intimate time with David and learn not only why he wrote the book, but from where the source of the problem stems, and what can be done about it. David provides insightful advice to kids going to college and the parents who must prepare them.

Along with David's interview, you'll meet some of the people closest to David, including an exclusive interview with Swift-boat Veteran John O'neill, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and controversialist Tammy Bruce, plus David's wife and close friends.

And, perhaps most important of all, you'll go 'on-campus' with David , and attend his speech at ASU. You'll hear first hand the message David is bringing to college campuses around the country.

DVD - $15.95

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