DVD Companions to your Favorite Books

Video Footnotes is pleased to annouce the release of our first DVD: "Right Turns" by Michael Medved.

If you're an author or publisher, and would like information about producing a Video Footnotes DVD, please contact us at:

Roo Productions

We look foward to hearing from you.


This template allows you to:

 - Download a prebuilt site to your machine
 - Add and delete pages with ease.
 - Change button and banner text with ease
 - Customize page content to suit your needs.
 - For instructions on using and customizing your template, click here.



Adding New Pages
Open the file blankpage.html in your site.
Select File -> Save As... and give it the name you require.
Now change the body content to suit your needs.
The right navigation, slogan, logo and bottom navigation have been created as GoLive components. This means that your can make site-wide changes simply and easily.
To do this, just open any page containing the component, and double click it. It should then open in a new window allowing you to make your changes.


You can probably make all the changes you need to this template yourself but if you require any custom work or professional help, please contact Andy at andy@thetemplatestore.com and he'll send you a quote for the work you require.




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